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Bundle Your Home & Auto Insurance to Save

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Bundle insurance, often referred to as multi-policy insurance, is the simple process of signing up for two or more policies with the same company.

Instead of purchasing each insurance policy separately from different insurers, bundling your insurance policies with one company can save you time, convenience, and money.

Benefits of Bundling Insurance

Home and auto insurance bundles help customers save up to 20%*.

Aside from the obvious benefits of cost savings, here are some other perks of keeping multiple policies with the same insurance company:

  • Convenience: When you bundle, you’ll receive a single insurance bill, making it easier to pay premiums, file claims, and seek help when you need it.
  • Seamless Communication: Bundling means you also don’t have to keep track of multiple insurance companies’ contact information and claim processes. You can look forward to streamlined communication and simplified interactions when you choose a multi-policy with one insurance company.
  • Loyalty Benefits: By bundling your insurance, you are more likely to stay with one insurance company longer. Over time, this can earn you additional discounts and advantages only extended to long-term clients.

What Types of Insurance Can You Bundle?

At Veterans United Insurance, it’s possible to save big when you secure multiple policies with us. Here are some common insurance bundling combinations:

Auto and Home Insurance Bundle

Keeping your home and auto insurance separate is costly! By combining multi-policy auto and home insurance, you can look forward to additional savings.

Auto and Renters Insurance Bundle

Protect your vehicle and financial well-being as a renter through auto and renters insurance bundles.

Auto and Condo Insurance Bundle

With a condo and auto insurance bundle, you can unlock significant savings while also ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable assets.

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle

Save when you bundle your motorcycle and auto insurance.

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Why Choose Veterans United Insurance?

In partnership with the #1 VA lender in the nation**, Veterans United Home Loans, our Veterans United Insurance team takes pride in being the best multi-policy insurance company. Not only do we specialize in bundling insurance policies to save you money, but we are also known for providing exceptional service to the military community.

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Bundling Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

If I have one policy with Veterans United Insurance, can I add another and bundle them?

If you are already our existing customer, our Customer Experience Specialists are in the best position to help you out! Contact us by calling us toll free at 1-888-625-1794 or emailing us at

What if I have an auto and renters insurance insurance bundle and then buy a home?

There are some differences in coverage between a renters insurance policy and a homeowners insurance policy. You’ll want to make sure your new asset is covered appropriately. We would love to shop for homeowners insurance for you!

What if I cancel one of my bundled policies?

Canceling one of your bundled policies may impact your premium. Give us a call or email us to talk specifics!

Can I bundle later on?

If you buy a home now and aren’t quite ready to move your other policies, don’t worry. It’s not too late to shop for bundles! If you later decide you want to bundle your auto or other insurance policies with your homeowners insurance, give us a call or email us to see what your options are.

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